Академия статей - 2 web of science

Publication of scientific articles in journals Web of Science


Web of Science provides access to a collection of databases. Key resources for subject searches:

Web of Science Core Collection

Includes citation indexes that provide details of articles from scientific journals in all academic subjects, details of scientific and technical conference proceedings, and details of citations to chapters from selected scientific, social sciences, and humanities books.

BIOSIS Citation Index

Combines databases of Biological Abstracts (journal articles) and Biological Abstracts Reports, Reviews and Meetings (other materials such as patents, meetings, technical reports, books and conferences) covering preclinical and experimental research in the life sciences. Other topics covered include biochemistry, pharmacology, nutrition, genetics, and public health. References since 1969.

Web of Science also includes Journal Citation Reports (JCRs), InCites and Essential Science Indicators through the InCites platform. These are resources for determining journal impact factors and institutional performance rankings.

Search all the databases on the platform to find content spanning different disciplines, document types, and formats. Discover citation relationships among these diverse sets of content. Explore over one billion citations searchable on Web of Science. Publishing a research article in Web of Science opens up new perspectives for scientists. Indexing an article in Web of Science is honorable and helps a scientist advance his or her career (the opportunity to defend a degree, obtain a title or grants. Publication in such sources is one of the necessary steps in preparation for the defense of dissertations. They are also a confirmation of one's academic title.

Using Web of Science, you have access to an unparalleled amount of world-class research literature associated with a rigorously selected core of journals. Uniquely discover new information through carefully collected metadata and references.

The Article Academy' specialists collaborate with Web of Science journals and will be able to write and publish your scientific article in the shortest possible time.

What you get when you order Publication of a scientific article in Web of Science

Академия статей - napisanieauditnauchnojstati

Writing/auditing a research paper

Академия статей - oformleniestatiispiskaliteratury

The formatting of the list of references and the scientific article

Академия статей - poisksoavtora

Поиск соавтора для научной статьи (По желанию)

Академия статей - redaktirovaniematerialai

Editing and Academic Translation

Академия статей - podbornauchnogozhurnalascopus1 4kvartil

Подбор научного журнала Web of Science

Академия статей - otslezhivaniepublikaczii

Control over the publication of a scientific article

Академия статей - proverkaunikalnosti

Unicheck's report on the uniqueness of a scientific article

Академия статей - peregovorysredakcziejzhurnalascopus

Переговоры с редакцией научного журнала Web of Science

Академия статей - indeksacziyanauchnojstati

Индексация научной статьи в базе данных Web of Science

The methods of analysis that we use when writing Web of Science scientific articles

Академия статей - sistematicheskij analiz nauchnyh issledovanij
Systematic analysis of scientific research

A theoretical article with your own contribution and discussion. An analysis of the literature of the last 5 years on your topic from the Scopus/WoS database is conducted

Академия статей - empiricheskij analiz
Empirical analysis

Requires a real experiment based on which to summarize, classify, and describe the results of the experiment study. (Using your statistics.)

Академия статей - metaanaliz

Самый сложный из всех анализов. Требует большого количества статистики и времени для обработки данных. Статьи с использованием метаанализа очень популярные в самых рейтинговых журналах Scopus/Web of Science

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Computer Science




Commodity science

Political Science


Trade Organization


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What are the benefits of publishing a scientific article in Web of Science for a scientist?

  1. The posting of research results on this resource demonstrates the authors' entry into the circle of leading representatives of the world of science.
  2. Careful selection prevents material of no scientific value from appearing in publications.
  3. The citation rate of WoS papers is taken into account: the higher it is, the more famous and authoritative the scientist is.
  4. Publishing a scientific article in this database helps you get a title, a degree, and funding.


  • 1

    Application form

  • 2

    Selecting a magazine and author for your paper

  • 3

    Drawing up a contract and making an advance payment

  • 4

    Writing a scientific article by the author

  • 5

    Editing the article according to the requirements of the journal

  • 6

    Sending to the editorial board

  • 7

    Making a copayment

  • 8

    Переговоры с редакцией журнала Web of Science

  • 9

    Obtaining a certificate of acceptance

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