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On average, our authors
receive from

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Our authors receive

Академия статей - scopus

From 80$
For a scientific article for

Академия статей - bak

From 40$
For a scientific article for journals
VAK (Category B)

Академия статей - tezy

From 15$
For conference abstracts
(1-5 pages)

Академия статей - mono

From 1000$
For writing a monograph

About us

The Article Academy is a leading company for writing and publishing scientific articles, employing exclusively candidates and doctors of science. We put quality workmanship and adherence to our company's values at the top of our agenda.

Why should you work with us?

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Schedule of work

You choose your own

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Remote Work

Make money from home

Академия статей - stabilnyj dohod

Stable income

On average, our authors earn $300

Академия статей - mozhno sovmeshhat

You can combine

with the main place of work

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You get absolute confidentiality

Академия статей - sistema bonusov

Bonus System

and motivations

Our requirements for candidates

Академия статей - uchyonaya stepen

Academic degree

It is desirable to have a degree

Академия статей - opyt


We are looking for writers with science writing experience

Академия статей - otvetstvennost


We pay for work that is turned in on time

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