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What is the difference between a "B" category (VAK) article and a Scopus/Web of Science article

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What You Cannot Cite in a Scopus/WoS Research Paper

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About the webinar

Seminar on how to write a scientific article Scopus/WoS, what is the difference between the articles Scopus AND Category "B" (VAK) and the difference between publishing in professional journals in Ukraine and Scopus/Web of Science

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Who leads the webinar

Webinar conducted by experts of the Academy of Articles:

1. Scientific Editors of the Academy of Articles with more than 10 years of experience in publishing articles in Scopus and Web of Science

2. Reviewers of scientific journals Scopus/WoS

3. Active participants in scientific forums and conferences 

Академия статей - scopus

Who will be interested in the webinar

Академия статей - prepodavatelyam
Current faculty members
Академия статей - dlya teh komu predstoit zashhishhat kandidatskuyu dissertacziyu
For those who are to defend their PhD thesis
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Академия статей - aspirantam
Graduate students
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What you will learn at the free webinar:

All the differences between a scientific article of category "B" (VAK) and Scopus/Web of Science

What should be the structure of Scopus and Web of Science articles

What is the difference between publishing an article in Category B journals and Scopus journals 

How to write a quality article for journals 

Scopus/Web of Science 

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