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Publication of scientific articles in professional journals Category "B" (VAK)


Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) - is a state body that existed in the USSR and now exists in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan and several other post-Soviet countries, which is responsible for providing state attestation of scientific and scientific-pedagogical workers - awarding academic degrees of doctor and candidate of sciences, as well as awarding academic titles.

Availability of VAK publications based on the author's work is a key condition for obtaining admission to the defense of a dissertation research. Only scientific articles published in journals and anthologies that are peer-reviewed and recommended by the committee are counted. The demonstration of one's own work largely depends on the correct choice of publication.

And also scientists need to publish their articles several times a year in professional scientific journals in Ukraine.

The Article Academy cooperates with B-journals all over Ukraine and will be able to write and publish your scientific article in the shortest possible time.

What you get when you order Publication of a scientific article in a "B" category journal (VAK)

Академия статей - napisanieauditnauchnojstati

Writing/auditing a research paper

Академия статей -

Receiving a certificate of acceptance of a scientific article from the editorial board within 1 week

Академия статей - exclude 1

Fast publication of a scientific article (30 days)

Академия статей - redaktirovaniematerialai

Editing a scientific article

Академия статей - podbornauchnogozhurnalascopus1 4kvartil

Selection of the optimal scientific journal (indexed in the VAK list - Category B)

Академия статей - otslezhivaniepublikaczii

Control over the publication of a scientific article

Академия статей - proverkaunikalnosti

Unicheck's report on the uniqueness of a scientific article

Академия статей - peregovorysredakcziejzhurnalascopus

Negotiations with the editorial board of a scientific journal

Академия статей - indeksacziyanauchnojstati

Providing authors printed version of the magazine (if ordered), as well as a link to the published article or its PDF-version

По каким направлениям мы пишем научные статьи













Political Science

Musical Studies


Cultural Studies

And +48 more directions

What advantages for a scientist is the publication of a scientific article in a category "B" journal (VAK)

1. Graduate students are required to post at least three scholarly articles in VAK journals and notify the environment of personally derived research results in order to be allowed to defend themselves.

2. A large selection of scientific journals. The author can choose which one suits him best.

3. MES regularly updates the list of recommended publications. Up-to-date information is posted on the official website.

4. For a successful career in science.


  • 1

    Application form
  • 2

    Selecting an author for your work
  • 3

    Drawing up a contract and making an advance payment
  • 4

    Working on a scientific article

  • 5

    Selecting a scientific journal VAK (Category B)
  • 6

    Sending to the editorial board of the WAC journal
  • 7

    Making a copayment
  • 8

    Negotiations with the editorial board of the VAC journal
  • 9

    Receiving confirmation of acceptance

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