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Abstracts - briefly formulated the main points, the concentrate of scientific work, article, report, coursework or thesis. Abstracts include a set of interrelated and logically arranged the main provisions of a full-length paper, in which they must be argued and justified. For established scientists and novice researchers, participation in scientific conferences provides an opportunity to demonstrate the results of their work and to learn from the experience of colleagues in their field. In addition, participation in conferences improves a student's rating and increases his or her chances for admission to graduate and postgraduate programs.

A successful presentation at a conference can be the start of a scholar's career, so it is important to prepare carefully for the event. To ensure that your presentation to the audience is not impromptu, you must write and properly format your thesis statement.

Abstracts for the conference are briefly formulated main points of a research paper, article or thesis project. There are special requirements for writing and formatting the text of abstracts.

The company " Article Academy" will help you to prepare an abstract of any kind and level of complexity. The experience of our authors allows us to prepare material for any conference, taking into account its level, subject and venue.

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Writing abstracts

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Formatting according to the program of the scientific conference

Академия статей - indeksacziyanauchnojstati

Selecting a scientific conference

Академия статей - proverkaunikalnosti

Checking with the Anti-Plagiat system

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Why order conference abstracts

1. Conference abstracts and their subsequent publication is an integral part of the activities of representatives of science.

2. Scientific abstracts allow you to take part in various scientific conferences, seminars, thereby allowing you to make yourself known in the scientific community.

3. Scientific abstracts allow you to "add to the piggy bank" of your professional achievements, which will be an advantage for employment or career advancement.


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