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Publication of scientific articles in Scopus journals

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Scopus is a database of abstracts and citations of research literature and quality Web-based sources in the health, life, physical, and social sciences. Resources include peer-reviewed journals, open access journals, conference proceedings, trade publications, book series, scientific web pages, and patient case histories.

Why use Scopus?

Scopus provides useful information to help you quickly and easily complete grant applications and others. What's in it for you?

  • A quick look at the major journals, disciplines, and authors published in your field of interest;
  • A review of works and quotations from other authors;
  • Tracking research trends and making connections within or across disciplines (using "Cited" references).

Scopus is one of the largest and most authoritative databases of abstracts and citations of academic literature. It contains more than 40,000 titles from more than 10,000 international publishers, and nearly 35,000 of these publications have been peer-reviewed.

Scopus journal quartiles

A quartile is a statistical term that describes the division of observations into four defined intervals based on data values and their comparison with the entire set of observations. In the context of a journal, a quartile is a specific category that is determined by the level of citations. The more citations, the higher the demand for a given journal by the scientific community. There are 4 ranking categories:

Академия статей - q1

Q1 is the highest indicator, and the most reputable foreign journals belong to it;

Академия статей - q2

Q2 - this also includes elite publications and reputable magazines, but they do not reach the importance of Q1;

Академия статей - q3

Q3 is the middle ground, the well-known magazines belong to it;

Академия статей - q4

Q4 is the lowest quartile, but it also gives a scientist a chance to be featured in a reputable scientific publication Scopus.

The experts at the Article Academy will write and publish a Scopus article for any quartile you need.

What you get when you order Publication of a scientific article in Scopus

Академия статей - napisanieauditnauchnojstati

Writing/auditing a research paper

Академия статей - oformleniestatiispiskaliteratury

The formatting of the list of references and the scientific article

Академия статей - poisksoavtora

Notification by the manager every Tuesday of what stage the article is

Академия статей - redaktirovaniematerialai

Editing and Academic Translation

Академия статей - podbornauchnogozhurnalascopus1 4kvartil

Selecting Scopus scientific journal 1-4 quartiles

Академия статей - otslezhivaniepublikaczii

Control over the publication of a scientific article

Академия статей - proverkaunikalnosti

Unicheck's report on the uniqueness of a scientific article

Академия статей - peregovorysredakcziejzhurnalascopus

Negotiations with the editors of the scientific journal Scopus

Академия статей - indeksacziyanauchnojstati

Indexing a scientific article in the Scopus database

The methods of analysis that we use when writing Scopus scientific articles

Академия статей - sistematicheskij analiz nauchnyh issledovanij
Systematic analysis of scientific research

A theoretical article with your own contribution and discussion. An analysis of the literature of the last 5 years on your topic from the Scopus/WoS database is conducted

Академия статей - empiricheskij analiz
Empirical analysis

Requires a real experiment based on which to summarize, classify, and describe the results of the experiment study. (Using your statistics.)

Академия статей - metaanaliz

The most complicated of all analyses. Requires a lot of statistics and time to process the data. Articles using meta-analysis are very popular in the highest ranking Scopus journals

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What are the benefits of publishing a scientific article in Scopus for a scientist?

  1. Participation in various international programs in your scientific field.
  2. Increasing a scientist's authority. Articles in Scopus raise the status of the scientist, as this database is considered one of the largest and most authoritative bibliographic platforms.
  3. Formation of a list of mandatory publications during the defense of a candidate and doctoral dissertation.
  4. After the first publication, Scopus automatically creates a free scholar's account, after which the author can monitor his or her performance.


  • 1

    Application form
  • 2

    Selecting a magazine and author for your paper

  • 3

    Drawing up a contract and making an advance payment

  • 4

    Writing a scientific article by the author

  • 5

    Editing the article according to the requirements of the journal

  • 6

    Sending to the editorial board

  • 7

    Making a copayment

  • 8

    Negotiations with the Editorial Board of Scopus

  • 9

    Obtaining a certificate of acceptance

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