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Increase in the Hirsch Index

For many, if not everyone, it is important to see the results of their work, especially if much effort has been put into it. For scientists in various fields, this can be either the direct results of the research conducted or its publication in various scientific journals. However, writing a paper, even if it is based on existing data, only at first glance seems like a simple task. In fact, it is work, and not a small one. And the fact that the work will be printed in an authoritative, perhaps even foreign, journal is not enough. One would like to see a backlash, to know that the work done is really important and relevant. And if the goal was to introduce the results of the study to as many people as possible, the desirability of feedback from colleagues increases several times over.

For a career now it is useful to have a high citation index - in many scientific institutions it is taken into account.

And the presence in the organization of scientists with a large number of scientific articles and a high citation index is perceived as a kind of confirmation of status.

Increasing the citation rate is a realistic task, you just have to work hard. But if all this burdens you or time is ahead of your desires, and you need the result, we are always ready to help you and do the job.

What you get when you order Increasing the Hirsch Index

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Evaluating the author's profile

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Selection of scientific articles that are prepared for publication and meet the subject area of the author

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Link design The editor performs the registration of links to articles

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Up-to-date information about the progress of work

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Discount on subsequent publication in Scopus from our company

Why order an increase in the Hirsch Index

1. Citation - the main indicator of the relevance, usefulness, significance of the scientific article and its "hitting the mark"

2. The index reflects the real demand for author and collective scientific articles. Globally, it helps to form an idea of the ranking of scientific journals, authors, and trends in topics and formats.

3. An important indicator of a scientist's relevance is the scientific citation index.

4. Proper structuring will make it easy for other scientists to find a scholarly article in a search.


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    Customer verification of work

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