Академия статей - 6 publikacziya v zarubizhnih vidannyah

Publication of scientific articles in foreign specialized journals


The famous Australian biologist Neil Bruce said, "Your scientific articles are your money in the bank in the future. Yes, publishing in foreign journals is a long-term investment, but it will also emphasize a scientist's authority.

Promotion in scientific circles is impossible without placing one's work in OECD and/or EU journals. Such a decision is made at the state level and, accordingly, is spelled out in the requirements of each scientific institution or SAI.

English has been considered an international way of communicating and transmitting information for 50 years. It is for this reason that the work of any self-respecting graduate student or scientist should be published in English. The more reputable the publication in which you publish your research, the better your chances are of receiving grants, support from colleagues and the state. Most reputable scientific publications are in English. So writing or translating your work into English is vital.

"Article Academy" collaborates with reputable foreign journals and will publish your scientific article in the shortest possible time

What you get when you order Publication of scientific articles in foreign journals

Академия статей - napisanieauditnauchnojstati

Writing/Auditing a Scientific Article

Академия статей -

Receiving a certificate of acceptance of a scientific article from the editorial board within 1 week

Академия статей - exclude 1

Publication of a scientific article as soon as possible

Академия статей - redaktirovaniematerialai

Editing a scientific article

Академия статей - podbornauchnogozhurnalascopus1 4kvartil

Selecting the best foreign scientific journal

Академия статей - otslezhivaniepublikaczii

Control over the publication of a scientific article

Академия статей - proverkaunikalnosti

Unicheck uniqueness report

Академия статей - peregovorysredakcziejzhurnalascopus

Negotiations with the editorial board of the VAC journal

Академия статей - indeksacziyanauchnojstati

Providing a printed version of the journal to the author by pre-order, as well as a PDF version of the published article or a link to it

По каким направлениям мы пишем научные статьи








Computer Science

Trade Organization





Commodity science

Political Science


And +48 more directions

What are the benefits for the scientist of publishing a scientific article in foreign journals

  1. By publishing his work in foreign publications, the scientist fulfills the requirements prescribed in the legislative documents.
  2. You improve your reputation, you become better known.
  3. You can get good funding for your further projects, both at your university and outside of it.
  4. You get the opportunity to participate in scientific discussions.


  • 1

    Application form

  • 2

    Selecting a magazine and author for your paper

  • 3

    Drawing up a contract and making an advance payment

  • 4

    Writing an article by the author

  • 5

    Editing the article according to the requirements of the journal

  • 6

    Sending to the editorial board

  • 7

    Making a copayment

  • 8

    Negotiations with the Journal Editorial Board

  • 9

    Obtaining a certificate of acceptance

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