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Increasing the uniqueness of scientific article

Why does a scientific article need a higher uniqueness?

The Ministry of Education, for some time now, has been conducting a program aimed at improving the quality of content and reducing the number of cases of "intellectual theft," both among teachers and researchers themselves and directly among students. This practice is absolutely fair and protects the authors of primary sources from the illegal use of their ideas

Scientific articles and dissertations are monitored most closely.

According to the legal framework, such texts are checked through the "Unicheck" service, which is installed in the computers of the university system. By downloading the entire text or selected portions of it, it is possible to see the author and the link to the original source, especially if it is online.

Specialists of the company "Article Academy" will help you to improve the uniqueness of your scientific articles / monographs and will give an official report made by the program Unicheck.

What you get when you order Increasing the uniqueness of the scientific article

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Audit of a scientific article

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Rewrite / Increase the uniqueness of scientific articles to the desired level

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Obtaining Unicheck plagiarism expertise

Why order Improving uniqueness

1. For a scientific journal to accept a scientific article, the minimum level of uniqueness must be at least 80%.

2. Saving the scholar's time. Our specialists will raise the uniqueness of your scientific article in 1 day.


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