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Proofreading scientific articles

Why does a scientific article need to be proofread?

Not every scientist is likely to be able to set out a text competently and format it according to the requirements of VAK/Scopus/WoS and other journals. Even if you are a competent philologist, you may not know all the subtleties of scientific requirements and features of registration of the results of scientific research. If you do not do this, the material will not be considered and returned to the author for revision.

Article Academy specialists have more than 12 years of experience in proofreading scientific articles

What you get when you order Proofreading of a research paper

Академия статей - poisk

Audit of a scientific article

Академия статей -

Proofreading a scientific article by a specialist

Академия статей - ustranenie

Eliminate grammatical errors

Академия статей - unifikacziya

Unification of terms, names, abbreviations and graphic elements

Академия статей - czitata

Check the correctness of references in the text to figures, formulas, tables

Академия статей - statya

Checking for consistency of structural elements

Why you should order proofreading of a research paper

1. After writing a research paper, the author may not see critical errors in his or her paper. That's why you should always give your research paper to another person to proofread after you've written it.

2. Stylistics, sentence construction, grammar, and punctuation are essential components of both writing and defending a research paper

3. Help from specialists. Specialists of "Article Academy" have more than 12 years of experience in proofreading scientific articles


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    Selecting an editor for your work
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    Drawing up a contract and making payment
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    Proofreading a research paper
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    Customer verification of work
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    Making a copayment

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