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Writing a monograph


A monograph is a scientific publication devoted to an in-depth study of a single topic, containing new hypotheses, concepts, or theories. It has a narrow focus, examines a problem in as much detail and comprehensively as possible, demonstrating the scientist's deep knowledge and ability to conduct scientific research.

A monograph is a scientific-publicistic prose, arranged in book form. It is a highly specialized study in a particular vector, such as law or economics. A scientific treatise is devoted to the study of one or more topics at the same time.

A monograph may have one or more authors, in which case each of them may mention such a work in their thesis. In order to be published, a scientific work necessarily receives a review by authoritative scientists, which is an example of a positive recommendation when choosing a candidate for a teaching position at a higher education institution, an associate professor or a professor.

"The Article Academy" provides a service for the publication of a scientific monograph.
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What you get when you order a Monograph

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Writing a monograph

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Negotiations with the publisher's editorial board

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Design of the monograph in accordance with the requirements of the Attestation Board

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Editing and Academic Translation

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Подбор, анализ документов и литературы

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Information at all stages

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Uniqueness check

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Choosing a publisher to publish a monograph

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Transferring a published monograph

What are the benefits to the scientist of the Monograph?

1. A monograph is one way of documenting research activities.

2. The monograph allows you to record the results of research and scientific development, to provide the results of the work for the evaluation of colleagues and specialists in your subject area.

3. Publication confirms your copyright, which is an important factor and positively affects the scholar's ranking.

4. For applicants for the degree of Candidate or Doctor of Sciences, it is mandatory to write a monograph.


  • 1

    Application form
  • 2

    Selecting the publication and author for your work
  • 3

    Drawing up a contract and making an advance payment
  • 4

    Writing a monograph by the author
  • 5

    Editing a monograph
  • 6

    Sending to the editorial board
  • 7

    Making a copayment
  • 8

    Negotiations with the editorial board
  • 9

    Obtaining a certificate of acceptance

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